M.A.C is conveniently situated bordering Weltevreden Park Primary School with a gate through to the school property, meaning children do not have to leave the school property to get to after-care.

The facility will be open throughout the year except on Public Holidays and in December; closing on the 14th December 2018 and reopening on the 7th January 2019.

Normal operating times are from 13h00 – 18h00 daily. However, during the first few weeks of a new year the Gr1s break up at 12h00 and we will collect the kids from their classes at 12h00. We are also open at 12h00 on early break-up days (i.e. Day the school breaks up for holiday etc).

M.A.C offers the following during After-Care:

  • Children will receive a nutritious cooked lunch when they arrive
  • Assisted homework with extra help for the kids who need it
  • Free-play outside in our garden with lots of shade. There are jungle gyms, a sand pit, an astro area, soccer and netball nets and other equipment to keep everyone busy. We even have an enclosed heated pool.
  • Organised activities both inside and outside
  • Lots of space indoors for rainy and cold days where we’ll play games, do arts and crafts and have age-appropriate TV on occasion 




Children will receive a cooked meal when they arrive at M.A.C, even if they have extra-murals after school and only arrive at 15h00, their meal will be kept warm for them.

A light snack of fruit/sandwiches and juice will be served mid-afternoon.




Homework period is compulsory for all children. Foundation phase children will be helped with homework and opportunity will be given to the little ones to practice their reading.

The older children will be supervised and will receive help if they need it.




Kids are encouraged to attend the extra-murals offered by the school. They can attend as many activities as they like.

Lunch will be kept warm and served when they arrive at M.A.C. after their activities.

Homework must be done after lunch unless otherwise agreed with parents.

It is important to advise us of their extra-murals as soon as you have this information.



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