We offer care during the school day for kids who
are sick and can’t go to school but whose parents
cannot take the time off work.

This facility is available to anyone, not just our After-Care children.

Sick kids will be kept separate from the other After-Care children.
They will be able to relax with books, board games, puzzles and TV.

Please contact us before 7h00 on the day if you would like to use the Sick Care facility.

You will need to complete the form below if your child is NOT enrolled at MAC. This must be handed in when your child is brought for sick care.

Visitor Form 2019

We cannot accept anyone with highly contagious diseases such as any of the childhood illnesses (Measles, Chicken Pox, Lice etc) or anyone who is vomiting or has diarrhea.

Payment must be done in CASH on the day:

    • For full-time M.A.C members Sick Care during the day is R150.00
    • For non-M.A.C members it’s R175.00 per day
    • For 5 years and under the rate is R250.00 per day
    • These fees must be paid in CASH on the day to the sick care attendant